We offer a variety of classes for children from 3 years!


On joining the dance school you are giving permission for your child to be included in photos or video which will only be taken whilst they are fully clothed and only be used for the dance school website, instagram or facebook page for promotion. If you do not want your child to be photographed or filmed please discuss this with Miss Anderson.


We run ISTD ballet classes for children from 3 years.


For 3-4 years. This class is a fun movement to music class in which we teach the ballet basics with songs, stories and games. It is a good introduction for all types of dancing if they decide to try a different discipline when they are older. The children are allowed to bring a baby doll or teddy bear with them each week which we use within the class and they are also a good security aid. Spares are available if they forget.


For 4-5 years. This class is to prepare them for grade work. We do some technical exercises but also some stories and games as in baby ballet; this makes the transition into the exam classes easier.


For 5-7 years. This is the first exam class.It consists of technical exercises but everything is explained simply in english. There is also a dance where they can use a toy magic wand. Children do not have to take the exam; when they are ready a letter will be sent out saying what is involved, costs etc. If you do not want them to do the exam they can still move up to the next grade.


These are professional grade classes. The steps are all referred to with their correct names in french and the children work on their ballet technique.


These exams are only offered to children who show great potential to be professional dancers as they are judged very strictly.



This is the first tap grade we offer and the children have to be 5 years old to start. This is because tap requires strength in their ankles which they have not really developed until then.


These are ISTD exam classes which involve learning their tap technique and developing rhythm and musicality. The music is very modern and develops their appreciation of music and sense of timing.


These are professional classes and the exam is only offered to children who show potential as a professional dancer as they are judged very strictly.



This class is offered to 4 and 5 years and is a fun class which uses songs, games and stories to learn the basics of modern dance.

GRADE 1 – 6

These are ISTD exam classes which include technical exercises to develop their dance technique and musicality.


These are professional classes and the exam is only offered to those who show potential as a professional dancer as they are judged very strictly.


Children can start street dance from the age of 5. It involves learning routines which build up week by week. Children under 5 generally find it too difficult to remember the routines. The classes are split into the following age groups: 5-7 years, 8-11 years and 11 years +. We also have a advanced class which is 13 years +. The class consists of a dance warm up,travelling technical work, stretches and learning a routine, all set to the latest pop/R + B tunes. Street dance students do not take exams. However they are always involved in any performances we get asked to do. We also have a street dance team who have successfully competed in numerous competitions.


The junior class is from 5 years and the senior class is from 11 years. This class involves learning choreography and singing songs from musicals, films and pop.


This class is for children from 12 years and teaches techniques and tricks for the stage.


This class is for children from 10 years and helps them with their flexibility in a supervised and controlled way. This is essential for all other dance styles.


This is a senior class for ages 11 and over. This class involves learning different styles of contemporary.



What Should Be Worn?

Please take a look at the Uniform page for details of what to wear and where to purchase.

Please see timetable for class times.

All classes must be booked through Miss Anderson on 07711866346 or email info@andersondance.co.uk.