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SUMMER TERM 2021 - Classes start again on Monday the 7th June.



30 minute classes - £3.50 

45 minute classes - £3.75

60 minutes classes -  £4.00 

 payable for half a term or a full term.

A single class can be paid for initially as a trial.


Summer Term Fees:

Any fees unpaid are due the week beginning Monday the 7th June

Half term payment :

30 minute classes - £21.00  (6 weeks @ £3.50 per class)

45 minute classes - £22.50 (6 weeks @ £3.75 per class)

 60 minute classes - £24.00 (6 weeks @ £4 per class)





Fees can be paid in the following ways:

In Person by Cash 

On the first day of every half term there will be an admin assistant to take fees by cash.

If you cannot make it that day please bring in the correct fee in cash in an envelope with your child's name on the outside and hand it in to their teacher.

By Bank Transfer

Please email for further details


If you do not pay your child's fees within the first 2 weeks after they are due you will risk your child's place in the class.

If you know you will not be there the first 2 weeks please let us know as we may assume you are not coming back!



                                                             All adults classes are payable IN CASH weekly.